7 Ways to Drive Ad Strategies in Your ePaper

12 December 2017


We’ve recently introduced some great new enhancements to our ePaper software, bringing you more advertising opportunities to help drive your digital revenues and we’ve also added DFP integration to all the major ad formats including banner adverts and pop-up interstitials.
Take a look at some of the options now available below…

Splash Screen Banner Ad

  • Displays on the launch screen of your ePaper
  • Includes DFP integration
  • You can also utilise this spot to a display a sponsor logo or additional branding

Left-hand Ad

  • A full-page slot positioned adjacent to your front page
  • This is an image-based ad that displays in double-page-spread view on desktop and in landscape orientation on mobile and tablet devices
  • Include a hyper link

Banner Ads

  • Banner ads feature in a fixed position below your ePaper
  • Includes DFP integration
  •  This ad area can also accommodate an image-based ad with a hyperlink to promote other services or sister publications

Wrapper Ads

  • Small image-based ad position that displays on desktop view only. These can repeat on either side of you edition or can feature on just one side
  • Include a hyperlink
  • Can be used as an eye-catching area to promote a sponsor, for social media channels or to link out to news and blog sites

Menu Ads

  • Small image-based ad position that displays in the main menu
  • Include a hyperlink
  • A great space to promote a sponsor or use to display a masthead for another publication

Pop-up Interstitials

  • An attention-grabbing format that takes over the full screen
  • Control how many pages the user must swipe or turn before an interstitial advert appears
  • Includes DFP integration

Article View Ads

Please note, these advert positions are only available to clients that have Article View implemented on their editions.

  • A Banner ad option is also available to display when a user scrolls down and reaches the end of an article
  • Feature MPU ads within article content
  • Includes DFP integration across both MPU and banner ads

Full details on advert sizes can be found on our advert options spec sheet here.
You can find out more about how to implement our advert options by checking out the videos and help guides on our client support site or if you would like to discuss a custom ad strategy of your own, please get in touch with our sales team.